Sunday, 18 January 2015

Escaping the heat in Bellus - Costa Blanca

Back in October, Jen and I head out for another week, and although it feels impossible given the bitter winter weather it was actually too hot to climb anywhere near the sun. It wasn't all bad however, as this pushed us on to a new crag, Bellus, which has some great climbs in the sun and shade.

Most impressive, is a large overhanging scoop on the North side, it receives literally zero sun and has some stonking hard lines including a single flute tufa, 7b+, no hard moves but completely relentless! You won't find the best routes on UKC as they've only been recently climbed, but fear not - Spanish locals are on-hand!

Have a watch of this 'fast-paced' time lapse video:

'Bellus is the new Gandia'

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