Sunday, 7 December 2014

Winter Hot Rock - A Weekend in Chullila

Chulilla, a forgotten crag, lost in time, but with enough prestige for Brean Down's best route to be named as a tribute to it. It's been redeveloped lately, and following Glyn's epic trip, the Opinel visit continued, with a short & sharp trip from JT and Mr. Skelhon.

2am... Wake Up. Drive. Fly. Drive. Rain. Climb through caves. Get spanked on 7a+(+). Meet Locals. Drink beer with Locals. Give shoes to locals for 20euro resoling. Drink more beer. Promise to help locals build a new Refugio... Drive to resteraunt... eat Gourmet food served by pissed, happy, owner. Walk home... Midnight... SLEEP.

The Amazing Views of Sector Balcon and Oasis in the distance

Saturday was a pretty long day, and it rained, so we slept in, but not without to a trip to Sex Shop  (that's a crag), & it's classic 6c..and a night climb on a brilliant 6a+ underneath the Chulilla castle.

Modelling the new Guidebook

The next 2 days we were blessed with glorious sunshine, this allowed us to take to the shade in Oasis, and enjoy the long & varied climb on offer, tufas, pockets, edges, and with very little change from a 80m rope.

Sector Canaveral (Hot, even in December)
We climbed all day Monday, Drive. Fly. Drive. and before I know it it's 9am Tuesday and I'm sat in a meeting.

Chulilla. Proper cool. see you there in Spring.

Name Grade Style
Xevo 7a ** Lead O/S
Cap I Cua (P1) 7a Lead RP
La Diagonal (P1) 6c *** Lead O/S
La Fragonoide 6b+ ** Lead O/S
Nazgul 6b+ Lead RP
Norantau 6b Lead O/S
Palpa Pulpo palpa 6a+ Lead O/S
Mespiazo con tres cazos 5a Lead O/S

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